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Camp Castaway Day 5

The teens braved the hike down from Blackjack and raved about the trip!  Everyone had a marvelous time and agreed that the ocean has never felt better than after that long hike!  They enjoyed a game of Ultimate Capture the Flag in the afternoon and appreciated relaxing back at “civilization.”

The junior campers enjoyed a fun history lesson this morning as they completed the ropes course dressed as characters from Catalina Island’s history.  Learning about miners, pirates, and smugglers and dressing up was a good time!  Also, it was wonderful to focus on sharks and rays this afternoon during a snorkel in the crystal clear water.  The junior campers did so well on their snorkel and made it all the way to Moonstone Cove, the cove next door to White’s Landing!  They made Mermaid’s Purses and learned all about how sharks and skates lay their eggs!

This evening the whole camp and staff participated in the Camp Castaway Game which takes teams around camp to solve riddles and find treasure… hopefully without getting thwarted by pirates!  The teams did a great job and solved all the clues!  The treasure was safely recovered.

It was a fun day indeed!  We are all approaching our last full day with mix of excitement and sadness for this wonderful week to come to a close.