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Camp Castaway Day 4

As the flickering amber slowly faded out on the charred wood, day 4 of Camp Castaway came to an end. After a long afternoon of hiking, the teens finally arrived at the campground on Blackjack, the second tallest peak on Catalina Island. The trail was not a particularly difficult one, however, walking 5 miles uphill was definitely not easy. Here on Blackjack, without any light pollution, your eyes can see every twinkling star complementing the dark purple sky and the faintly visible Milky Way. Hopefully our campers have a good night of rest on this tranquil mountain top.  Nice job teen campers!

The junior campers had a blast this morning participating in a photo scavenger hunt to try to find plants native to Catalina Island. All the campers did great!  It turns out they all have what it takes to be castaways!  The afternoon was spent playing games while kayaking and using their wilderness survival skills to build debris shelters in our eucalyptus grove. We ended the night with basketball and games along with ice cream sundaes and a fun movie night.

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