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Welcome to Teen Camp Castaway 2014!


Sunday, July 20 by Danielle

Today, our Castaways arrived to Pirates Cove to start their week long adventure. The Staff here has worked hard all summer planning for this and we are all extremely excited that it is finally here! The castaways were greeted by their fellow tattered castaways shortly after arrival, and were given their assigned groups. They met their wonderful counselors, decorated a coat of arms for their cabin to present, then had a campfire to tell stories and get to know their fellow campers. The treats given during tonight’s camp fires were banana boats! In case you never had one before, a banana is cut open, stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate, wrapped in foil, and then placed near the campfire. After roasting for a minute or so, the boat is ready to be served!

After having their treats, the campers were sent off to bed to enjoy a good night of sleep before their adventures begin! Sleep well Castaways!

The Banana Boat Master!! Here is Darby (right) helping her fellow castaways make their banana boats! Thanks Darby!