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Camp Castaway Day 3

Day 3 of Camp Castaway concluded in a blast of euphonious and joyous laughter! Our teen castaways not only all surmounted the peak of Whitley, they also had braved the California cold water while our youth campers tracked bison, snorkeled and made maps! Snorkeling amongst a school of anchovy reflecting the brilliant sunlight and chasing after bay rays was amazing after all of that hiking! Although some of us were stung by tiny sea jellies, this has become part of our castaway Catalina experience! We ended the day with a TCX beach party after more craft workshops and kayaking on the azure ocean. Limbo, hula hoops, ring toss, face paint and dancing to¬† beach music–all of the essentials! We’re ready for more kayaking tomorrow and the Blackjack trail hike and camping trip, where the teens will ascend the second tallest peak of Catalina Island!