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Welcome to Whites Landing!

Jesse lounging

We are very happy that you have decided to check out The Catalina Experience Staff Blog. This is a forum for our camp staff to share their experiences with their family, their friends, our campers and anyone else who is interested in the happenings at Whites Landing. Here you will find articles and photos of life at the camp, stories of some of our more memorable camps and musings of our camp director, program staff and other associates.

If you found this page by accident, and you are looking for the camp’s official website, please visit There you will find information about how to visit Whites Cove as a camper or as a guest group.

There are also other ways to keep in touch with The Catalina Experience. We have a Facebook Group site you can join AND a Flickr Photostream where we often upload images from camp.

We hope you enjoy our posts and come back often. Please feel free to register and leave comments. We love hearing from you! Better yet, plan a trip to Whites Landing soon!